Friday, October 19, 2007

.: Friday Night :.

8.45am, driving down the LDP at 110mph, listening to Christina Auguilera's "Fighter" repeatedly blasting on my MP3 in my lil Piccanto, praying for the wisdom to know the difference between the "need to try harder" or "it was never meant to be".
For some reason or another, I can't seem to tell the difference between having to work hard, to put in more effort, to exercise more patience
just plain ol' give up, it was never really meant to be

Anyhows, life still goes on...
And as much as I would like to wish that the whole wide world would just stand still until I resolve my problems...

Had an early morning class today with Mr Collins, which I must admit I wasn't really in the right frame of mind to concerntrate. My mom gave me a cough syrup (some traditional Chinese medicine) before I went to class, and she claimed that it does not cause drowsiness. Even before lunchtime, I could hardly keep my eyes open. And I think my lecturer actually noticed, but he did not tease me or anything like that. He knows that I'm usually not like that, and today is an exception (I'm an angel when I'm in class actually *ehem*ehem*)

I've been having this nasty cough/whizz ever since I came back from my church camp trip from Malacca. I guess my asthma has been triggered again, last since the bad haze back in 2005. Been taking the ventolin inhaler to help my breathing every once in a while.

Speaking of Malacca, JC and I bumped into Bridget just now in Atria. She asked how was our church camp, and we both replied that it was good. She then turned to me and say "My brother mentioned alot about you."

Darn, I wonder what Benedict (Bridget's brother) has been talking about behind my back. Well, I always go along with one philosophy; if it's about good things - it's definately true and if it's about bad things - it's an absolute lie :)

JC was not feeling well today, so I drove him to a clinic nearby his house and then send him home. I noticed that many people have been falling sick recently, esp concerning respiratory problems. Probably due to the bad weather.

Hope he feels better tomorrow, so that we can enjoy the dinner I was planning to prepare for us tomorrow. On the menu is - beef steak, potato & pasta salad, mushroom soup...... Mmmmmm...
The beef steaks is in the fridge marinating itself (hmmm...sounds grammatically wrong), potato salad is done (I did it all by myself just now).


It's time for bed.

Nite nite

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