Saturday, October 20, 2007

.: The Nutty Lecturer :.

My last lecture for the year today.

And as usual, I presented my lecturer a small Thank You card to express my appreciation and gratitude for all that he have done for us.

In it, I wrote this;

A different Thank You card this time, but with the SAME BIG APPRECIATION! Thank you Colin for making tax classes so entertaining and fun, in spite of the subject being dry and boring.

P/S: A bit of M'sian tax advise. Foreign entertainers are subjected to 15% WHT on income derived from M'sia. We might just have to classify you as that :)

Thanks so much once again. Take care!

Shan Lyn

Really am thankful for Mr Colin for being so so so very enthusiatic and interesting when conducting the class to such uninspired, unenthusiatic bunch of students. Really never fail to amuse me on how much enthusiasm a person his age (or at any age for that matter) can really be. Such an entertainer. It is such a great joy and pleasure having him as a lecturer :)

If I ever become a lecturer one day (who knows I might *wink*wink*) I would really want to be as passionate as him and Ms Menon (another lecturer whom I really look up to for being so good at what she does!). Well, the same goes for Mr Martin (my ICAEW lecturer), Mr Goh & Mr Simon (my ACCA lecturers) as well as Ms Lim ML (my Form 5 bio teacher)

They are those whom I really inspired to be.

Well, Mr Colin has really put in his best to guide and coach us throughout. Now, it's my turn to put in my best to past this paper.

Wish me luck! :)


~Yin Fung~ said...

you seem to like your lecturers or the subjects at least. =(
I neither have a fav lecturer nor fav subject. I don wana b a failure. =(

Kathlynn said...

Sure... it's bcoz of my lect, im where im today :)

Ur not a failure, don't ever say that...

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