Monday, December 10, 2007

.: The Notebook (based on a Nicholas Sparks novel) :.

I've bought this DVD a long time ago in SS2 together with Kor, but only on Sun morning (12am to be exact) did I manage to watch The Notebook.

This story is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks (as you all know, I'm a big fan of Nicholas Sparks).

I love this movie so so so much, and I'm going to watch it again and again. Needless to say, tears were shedded and my heart was touched. How beautiful love story of Noah and Allie, from how they met, to where they are now, 40 - 50 years down the road.

This story reminds me of something my Grandma used to say. "Kalau ada jodoh, takkan lari." (my Grandma is Peranakan, so she speaks to us in Peranakan, which is something like a cross between BM and Hokkien) which literally translates to "If it's fated, it will never run."

Do watch this movie, or at least read his novel....

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Canada said...

This story helps us believe that true love does exists. Life only comes once. This book show us to follow are heart no matter what. Their is nothing like a good romance. Me, i love the fact of being in love. This book is every womens dream.

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