Friday, December 21, 2007

.: And That's How The Cookie Crumbles :.

It's super quiet in the office today. Nothing much is going on, as half of my colleagues are already on leave till the end of the year. As for me, the only reason why I'm not on leave is because I've none left, no thanks to taking all my leave for exams. In fact, I have about half a month of unpaid leave to be deducted in my Dec salary. What a way to celebrate Christmas. But as one of my colleague said, the best Christmas present for me is that I've passed my exams. I guess that true. A sacrifice worth making I suppose.

I baked yesterday. Gingerbread Man. Well, some of them are slightly burnt - let's just say I'm not racist, so that's why there are some Gingerbread man darker than the others ( this is the semangat perpaduan ) that our Prime Minister is preaching about. *wink*

Jokes aside, the first batch of cookies really was slightly burnt and turned out darker. Having learn from the first mistake, I took out the cookies slightly earlier even though it was still "soft". Apparently, the texture of the cookies was suppose to be like that, but after it cool down, it hardens. Think it's because of the molasses.

Personally, I think it was too sweet, and really lack of spice (I can hardly tell that there was ginger in there), but the cinnamon really made the cookies smell so lovely when they came out from the oven. Mmmmmmm.....

The original plan was to use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape of the cookies, but after hunting high and low for it, to no avail, I've finally decided to use free hand stencil instead. So, there I was outlining my stencil one by one, with a knife, the lil gingerbread man, and transferring it to the baking tray. In the process, some of the cookie dough crumbled and needless to say, there was a huge wastage of time. I was a real tedious process, especially for someone as unmeticulous as I am. So after making like 2 dozens of the gingerbread man, I used my mom's cookie cutter to cut a spade shape cookies. So much faster and efficient, but not as Christmas-y feeling as the Gingerbread Man. The final last bits of the dough, I decided to make a lil Christmas Tree, and it turned out so cute :)

Well, that's it for my cookie making experience (it's my first self baked cookies), so on to my next project. *wink*

JC says that that is what he dislike about me, after making once and that's it. No making a few more batches to perfect it, etc, etc....

Well, I guess for me it's more about the thrill of trying something new. For me, having to do the same thing again, but better, is not as challenging as having to do something new altogether.

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