Tuesday, December 11, 2007

.: 4th Floor...Going Up :.

I was really late to work this morning. Left for work at my usual time of 7.45am. But the traffic was so bad, right in front of my house turning into Seksyen 17 ( I don't know the name of that road *blush*). And after an hour, we only moved less that a kilometer (not exaggerating!). It turns out that there was a police roadblock right opposite SIB Church and the two petrol station. So from four lanes to two lanes.

A roadblock during rush hour! How sensible are people nowadays?

Was thinking that since it was a Selangor public holiday, it should not have been so jam. But ends up the other way round. Well, the roadblock is most likely to prevent another illegal gathering in KL, but it's also preventing people like me to get to work on time!

Anyhows, arrived at office at about 9.45am (two hours - I could reach Malacca in two hours!) panting and gasping for air (ok, so this time I'm exaggerating) running (ok - fast walking) from the Raja Chulan monorail station to my office.

So there I was at the lobby, with others, who are also late probably for the same reason I was, waiting for the lift. And there was this two British men (can tell from their accents) who walked into the lift, as all of us did, looked at the lift buttons, mumbled a few words to each other, then walked out of the lift.

I took a few seconds to register the conversation they exchanged. One of the men actually said something to this effect

"No 4th floor. We must be in the wrong lift."

Well, I guess they didn't know that 3A is the 4th floor. Typical chinese aren't we, that we are so pantang of the number 4.

Too bad my synapses is a lil bit too slow, if not, I could have informed them.

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