Monday, April 16, 2007

.: The Wedding : Nicholas Sparks :.

Read a heartwarming novel written by Nicholas Sparks : The Wedding.

This book is written in the first person, narrative style, of Wilson Lewis. Wilson Lewis is a sucessful real estate attorney who is a man who has trouble expressing his emotions, especially to his beloved wife, Jane.

The story started with how Wilson absent-mindedly forgets his 29th wedding anniversary which greatly upsetted his wife. He apologised to her, even bought her an expensive bottle of perfume the very next day but the damage was already done. It was then that Wilson vowed to make their 30th anniversary a special one.

However, a few weeks short of their anniversary, their oldest daughter, Anna announced that she and her boyfriend Keith planned to be married on that day too. But Anna wasn't too keen on having a proper wedding ceremony. Jane however insisted that she must have a proper wedding, not like the one she and Wilson had.

So, the plot of the story soon evolves to how Jane helped Anna plan out the nitty gritty part of the wedding, such as the gown, the cake and all.

The storylione entwinged with flashbacks of how Wilson and Jane started off, from their first date, first kiss, how he proposed and so on.

Despite of the lack of romanticism on Wilson's side, I could not help but feel for him. When I continued to read the passages, it so beautifully describes how Wilson is so in love with her, just that he doesn't know how to express it to her.

The novel ended with a big twist and with tears in my eyes.

Do read it if you have the time.


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