Monday, April 2, 2007

.: Mr Bean's Holiday :.

Went to watch Mr Bean's Holiday on Sunday in IOI Mall after attending church service . Was thinking that it shouldn't be so crowded as compared to the bigger shopping malls like 1 Utama or Midvalley. But I was quite surprised that there's actually a que (though I relatively shorter one as compared to other cinemas).

The show was not as funny as I expect it to be. But then again, the last Mr Bean movie I've watch is way back in 1997 - Mr Bean : The Ultimate Disaster.

The movie started with Mr Bean winning a free holiday to Cannes, France and a video camera.

Mr Bean having a meal in a restaurant

After having a meal in a station restaurant (as pic above) of life oysters and prawns, Mr Bean heads towards the platform. There, he asked a man, Emil who happens to be a Russian movie Director, to videocam him walking onto the train. And thanks to that, the man gets left behind when the train pulls out from the station. Emil's son, Stepan was left on board alone.

The plot goes on showing the adventures Mr Bean and Stepan had while travelling to Cannes to find Stepan's dad. On they way, he met with an aspiring young actress, Sabine, who was also on her way to Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival.

Mr Bean trying to steal the moped

Granny Bean

My favourite part was when Mr Bean started dancing to the various music coming out from speaker (which he stole from a CD vendor nearby) in order to get some money. He mimes an opera in which he carries Stepan as if Stepan was dead, and lays him on the ground. The market crowd was amused, as they clapped and cheered and gave them loads on money. The whole scene was really hillarious.

In the end, all's well ends well. Stepan was reunited with his dad & mom and Mr Bean gets to go to the beach (which was where he wanted to go to all the while) and everyone lived happily ever after.

A movie worth watching for if you really have nothing to do and would love to entertain yourselves with the antics of Mr Bean.

I was kinda amused they way the little kids in the cinema laughs at his antics. It's such a greatjoy to hear the innocent laughters of those kiddos. It really takes so little to make them laugh. Reminds me of my little cousins back home in Malacca. Miss them all so much, especially Baby Rach.

From left to right : Baby Ping, Baby Rachel & Baby Eric

Looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend. *hugz*

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