Sunday, April 15, 2007

.: Shopping :.

ALL women loves shopping right?


I absolutely dislike shopping.

Just like most men (note the word "most" coz I know there are some who actually do love to shop), I prefer to just go in and straight away buy whatever I need. "Focused-shopping" I would call it. Rather than to peruse through all the shoes on each shoe rack in the shop, annoy the salesperson by insisting on trying on all the 5 different colours of the same shoe and at the end of it all, decide not to buy any coz your main intention was to actually buy a dress to go with your newly purchased shoes yesterday!

When I tried to elaborate to Tammie (my cousin sister) my theory on focused-shopping as we walked around Mahkota Parade aimlessly, she gave me that look as if I just spoke French or something.
In an annoyed tone, she said out loud :
"Where is your female hormones?"


Should get my DNA tested to see if I actually do have the female "shopping" genes......

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