Thursday, April 26, 2007

.: Taming The Tiger : Tony Anthony :.

John's dad borrowed me this book on Sunday. I haven't really got the time to read it until yesterday, where I finished the whole book.

It's a true story of Tony, a little boy of a mixed Chinese-Italian parentage, on how he was trained by his Grandfather (lowsi) in China at a very young age to be the ultimate Kung Fu World Champion.

Tony has travelled round the world, as an elite bodyguard protecting the most famous, wealthiest, powerful and influential people. But his insatable hunger for blood caused him to be imprisoned in Nicosa Central Prison, a place where everyday was a battle of survival.

It was there, behind those prison walls that he learnt and found freedom, in Jesus Christ.

It's such a remarkable testimony on how God can change ANYONE, even the most brutal, bloodthirsty, violent of criminals.

I loved this part the most, where he was explaining to one of the prisoners, when was asked
"How can there be a God, Tony, when all this kind of things happens?"

Let me tell you a story, Tony said.

"There's once a shipwreck, with just one survivor. He made it to a desert island, but when he got there he realised what a desperate situation he was in. He prayed feverishly to God, but nothing happened. All he could do was to built a hut to protect himself from the elements.

One day he returned to the hut after scavenging for food, only to find that the hut was on fire. The midday sun has set it alight and he watched as his last hope went up in smoke.

He was angry.'How can God allow such a thing?'he cried.

That night, he lay under a tree, scared and cold. In the morning, he was woken up by rescuers.

'How did you find me?' he asked them in amazement.

'We saw your smoke signals' they said".

It is indeed a recommended book to christians and non-christians alike.

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