Saturday, April 21, 2007

.: WhackYourBoss! :.

My brother came across this website yesterday and I would absolutely love to share with you guys this. The TOP TEN list of things your boss will say that makes you just wanna whack him up. Enjoy!

(10) N0 no no no no....

(9) Wrong wrong wrong wrong....

(8) It's come to my attention you're not measuring up.

(7) You need to stay late again, with no overtime pay of course!

(6) Your project have to be COMPLETELY redone!

(5) You can't seem to get ANYTHING right.

(4) Did you get the memo about the paycut? 10% across the board.

(3) 1/3 of American work for less than $8.50 per hour. Get used to it. Be thankful for what you have.

(2) There's 20 people waiting for your job position...

And the number ONE thing your boss could say that makes your blood boil and your fist all ready for actions would be.....

You're not meeting your quota
What's that?
It's impossible to met?
Here's how it works
I sit in my office and I do some simple maths
I look at companies similiar to ours
I do the stats
I cruched some number
And figures says it's only humanly possible to complete say 10 project a weeks
I double it!
That's your quota
Of course it's impossible to meet!

There you go......
If your can't physically smack your boss, then this website would be a good alternative.

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