Tuesday, April 3, 2007

.: This Is Still My Playground :.

I loved going to the playground when I was a kid (which is not that long ago *wink*wink*)

But even up till now, I could never refuse an offer to go to the playground. In fact, I would beg my cousins to go along with me so that it would seem like I'm babysitting them instead. *wink*

There's a playground a stone throw away from my house in PJ. It used to be smaller with the basic amenities like the swing, the slide and see-saw. But now, it's even much cooler as there's those "play structure" made of plastic, which is a combination of different pieces of equipments such as the swing, monkey bars, tube tunnel, tic-tac-toe spinners.... you get what I mean.

But I still love the original swing they have there.
I know it's weird, but whenever I get on a swing and just swing-swing-swing, it feels that all my problems at that time just disappears.
It's a natural anti-depression drug for me and the best thing is... it's FREE!

Swing, swing, swing....

More swing, swing, swing....

And no Ah Yin, by taking this kinda pictures doesn't mean I'm some pedophile psychopath stalking on little kids ok?

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