Saturday, May 15, 2010

.: Top Ten Thoughts Of An Accountant On April 15th :.

David Letterman’s Top Ten

Thoughts That Go Through Every Accountant's Mind On April 15th*

10."If I see one more tax return, i'm gonna jam a #2 pencil through my eye"
9."I think my calculator is talking to me"
8."If I screw up, they go to jail, not me"
7."Why didn't I become something exciting like a claims adjuster?"
6."Should I wear the navy blue suit or the navy blue suit?"
5."Get through today and then a 364-day weekend"
4."Who knew the bright-eyed little boy I once was would grow into such a bitter man with a soul crushing job"
3."Time to fake my death and move to the Cayman Islands"
2."Why did I waste time doing a stupid Top Ten at Letterman?"
1."This would be a lot easier if I was sober"

* Note : April 15th, also known as Tax Day in the USA is the day where USA residents to file in their tax return. Equivalent of 30th April here in Malaysia :)

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