Sunday, May 16, 2010

.: Happy Teacher's Day :.

To all the wonderful teachers of my life,

Thank you for not only imparting valuable classroom lessons but more importantly the lessons of life.

All of you have played an important role to shape and mold me to be the person that I am today and have inspired me to impart knowledge and experience to others as well.

And today, a day that marks the 365/366 days you are the below to us:

To a mind of flint, the teacher must be iron, and strike sparks. To the empty pitcher, the teacher becomes a well. To the fallow mind, a planter of seeds. To the cluttered mind, a gardener to weed, shape, and clear a space for growing.

To the lens, the teacher is light, and to the mind of light, a lens.

To the sleeper, the teacher is the wake-up call of birds at sunrise. To clay, the teacher is potter, sculptor, and trainer in self-shaping. To the wanderer, the teacher is a knowing guide. To the developed mind, the teacher is colleague, listener, friend.

To all, the teacher is a mirror that shows not only the self but the path and its choices, the task and its demands--the difficulties, the joys. To all and from all, the teacher is a learner, a person--and a prism through which the ordinary continuously reveals itself to be miraculous.

Happy Teacher's Day! :)

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