Friday, December 18, 2009

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Review of this movie comin up! :)


Today, me & the rest of the CC boyz are getting a crash course on DSLR photography.

I desperately need one as I have yet to open my manual yet. Hehe :)

- Updated -

Today was not a fruitful DSLR day for me. I think my camera may have been set prior to shooting (I think I somewhat adjusted the ISO wrongly), hence, ALL the pictures today didn't turn out that well.

Plus, it was raining the whole time, so outdoor shots were grey and gloomy.

But fret not, this noob DSLR user is not givin up - just yet!

Practise (or practice? *shucks, I never really could get these right - same like borrow or lend*) makes perfect!

Erm, Avatar review coming soon.

Not today, too tired

Not likely tomorrow, I have a full packed day (as usual) tomorrow.

And Sunday is my rest day.


Let's just see how it goes okies? :)


Sharinginfoz said...

nanti belajar baik2, biar gambar gempak

Tammie said...

it was drizzling this morning when we left kl.

the dSLR crash course okay?

Bruce828 said...

Haven't watch AVATAR yet~ will be waiting for ur review^^

Kimberly said...

Practise (I cant get this right too XD) makes perfect =)

Keep it up =)

DSLR ar... LOL (forgive me, just a lil too crazy bout me not having my camera around LOL)
Thanks for your comment on my blog =)

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