Wednesday, December 23, 2009

.: Not Fair! :.


How many times have lil kids, having fun, playing gaily and happily screaming and shouting. And then, in a split second, those merry screams suddenly turned into terrifying shouts and cries.

“NOT FAIR!” they shout out between sobs “he push me first!” “she don’t wanna share the toys” “she took a piece more than me” “he

The word – NOT FAIR, so habitually used by those lil kids, who perhaps have not truly grasps the meaning of fairness.

But what about the supposedly-know-it-all adults?

Do they really know the true meaning of fairness?

Quote an example. Recently, Reebonz have been giving a 12 Days Christmas giveaway contest. At 10am everyday from 12 December onwards, they will upload four collages of photos of bag into Facebook. All the fans have to do is to tag a bag of their choice, hoping that it is the bag that Reebonz will pick as a giveaway for the day. Due to the limitations of Facebook, only 50 tags per photo are allowed.

Well in the morning, everyone waits patiently til the clock strucks 10 and put their motar skills to test. It’s matter of luck (as well as good internet connection for some) as the pictures are very quickly tagged (sometimes in matter of 2-3 minutes, all four photos are fully tagged).

I have participated in this, and there are times that I have missed out – due to slow internet connection and some facebook log in error.

But nonetheless, it’s just a contest and I am having fun participating in it.

But…… there are those who have missed (and have nil sportsman(woman)ship) have only one thing to say bout this – NOT FAIR!

NOT FAIR – only 4 pics where go enough?

NOT FAIR – bags today not so nice!

NOT FAIR – I can’t tag, I am not gonna waste time in some al’cheapo contest!

NOT FAIR – this contest is creating more negativity than positively

NOT FAIR this, NOT FAIR that!

Sigh. It’s just a contest la my friend! Grow up la! Ugh!

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