Wednesday, December 16, 2009

.: My Wishlist :.

In my most manja-est tone “Dear, I want a COACH as a Christmas present”
He replies “Ok, a coach ride to Singapore right?”

Okay, so I didn’t really asked him that…

But IF I did, that would be the answer he’d MOST LIKELY reply coz :

A) He’s absolutely oblivious as to what a COACH is
B) Even if he, for some divine intervention, does know what COACH, he would rather pretend to be ignorant (coz, like all accountant, he’s so darn stingy)

Anyways, thank goodness for super-duper-ally-ooper big-hearted people such as Your Shopping Kaki ( for organizing The Big Bang Series!  ( to reward faithful readers *coff* like myself  *coff* to truckloads of competition and absolutely mind-blowing, orgasmic giveaways!

THE BIG BANG! event will run from 16th December til 31st December where a series of 5 fun contest (plus a bonus contest – that one is entitled to take just by entering 4 of the 5 contest; entering a contest by entering a contest, HOW BE-AWESOME IS THAT!). THANK YOU YSK FOR SUCH BE-AWESOMENESS! :)

And one of the 5 contest is

Now our dear fairy godmother; How2Shop ( has are gonna play Santarina this Christmas and will giveaway one item from the three items on the selected winner’s wishlist.

It is not easy to decide ONLY 3 items to put in my wishlist, as there are plenty of unbelievable items up in their blog. They have Coach (not the ones that goes to Singapore, dear), Nine West, Liz Claiborne, Victoria Secret, Gucci, and many much more!

Note that How2Shop are GENUINELY SINCERE in their giveaways, they are freezing all items for this contest (from the 16th to the 23rd December). And that’s not the only thing that is GENUINE! In spite them promoting the blog as sort of a “pasar malam” type of blog (albeit they sell all different ranges of products) their products are of top quality, genuine (100% money back guaranteed) goods, not those you get from Petaling Streets ya!

Ok, so after much and much of deliberation, I have narrowed down my WISHLIST to these three items (in no particular order of preference) :

1) Liz Clairbone Necklace and Earring Set
(click here to view)

What I love so much bout this is the pendant that looks like a snowflake. So Christmasy and I guess the closest to a white Christmas that I will ever have (I’ve never experience in my whole 24 years life a white Christmas before *sobs*)

2) Flora (Gucci Fragrance)
(click here to view)

I have tested this perfume and I absolutely it so very much! It has a floral scent, with a hint of fruitiness; citrus-like. I love that it is light; not overpowering and it has the clean, refreshing note! I heart! I heart!

3) Coach Brook Op Art Large Wristlet (in baby pink – awwww)
(click here to view)

This is THE ultimate wristlet! Like seriously fallen in love with it. (Dear, THIS COACH LA!). It’s in such a sweet shade of pink. Now, I am not exactly a fan of pink (like Xiaxue is) but this lovely wristlet is just the right. I absolutely heart!

Now, I do hope that this post is enough to win myself one of these three items (or all three!), but even if I don’t win, I’m having fun taking part!

And, because it’s the SEASON OF GIVING, if I actually do win something (or all three things *keep fingers cross*) from this competition, I will actually donate the equivalent value to what I have won to World Vision.

So again, a BIG BIG BIG thanks to YSK & How2Shop! :)

Wanna take part in this competition too? Head on over to YSK to read the rules and regulations on this! :)


Bruce828 said...

Wow~ what a expensive wishes u hv there^^ wish all ur wishes come true^^

theeggyolks said...

may your wish come true!!

*sorry la..just now i accidentally clicked the "post comment" on your 2012 post and posted the same comment there :D

Kristin said...

HAha co coincide that Im doing a adverts for a blogshop that sell coach stuff.

Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................

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