Thursday, March 31, 2011

.: Why We Are Boycotting Dae Jang Guem, Section 14 :.

Why my family and I decided to boycott Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant in Seksyen 14, PJ.

If you have read my previous blog post - I have nothing but sang (genuine) praises of this place.

Last night, however, I went to this place with my family and ordered some BBQ meat together with my regular order (kimchi soup). The side dishes were served & my family & I begin to help ourselves.

Midway thru the meal, I asked for a refill for my kimchi, and to my shocked, the waiter told me that I could not refill as the refill was limited to one time refill per side dish. Taken aback, I thought I misunderstood him, coz he spoke really broken English, so I asked him to call the manager so that I can further clarify.

The manager arrived a few minutes later, and I explained to her that I was refused a second refill. She replied that they have indeed implemented such policy and went on explaining because of the increase in the cost of raw material of food stuff. I understand where she’s coming from with regards to the increase cost, but I explained to her that we have five people sitting on this table and shouldn’t there be at least some sort of correlation between the number of people and the number of time the dish is allowed to be refilled? I also highlighted to her that if there were only 2 people sitting, they will be limited to one time refill, then it’s ok. But the 5 of us? Plus, we ordered portion of meal to feed five, how can the restriction of that be the same as well? What about a table of 10 patron? Would this be the case too? She said yes!

Then my mom pointed out that in that case, if we split tables, we can get more refill right? To which she replied “Yes, as it is based on per table!”

I was getting a lil bit agitated already as it all doesn’t make much sense, and then, my dad (who is usually patient with this sort of matter) tried a simplified illustration to her; one table, one person – one plate *he pointed out to one plate of the side dish*, one table, two person – one plate, one table, five person – one plate also? As ridiculous at it sounds, she hesitated but nodded to that statement. At that time, I was already fuming, and nearly lost my cool. I even suggested to her to allow at least a two time refill instead of a measly one, but she was adamant on not allowing us to do so.

In the end, my dad cooled down the situation by saying “Nevermind, this will be the last time we come here.” and we left that at that!

The food was good (I must give them credit for this), but the whole incident, plus the lack of logic to such arrangements made the whole experience one of the worse and lousy dining experience we ever had.

Yes, we are not going to be patronizing Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant anymore, and there are definitely plenty of Korean restaurants in the Klang Valley who can satisfy our Korean food cravings!


Nava Krishnan said...

thanks for sharing, will do the same if customers feel they are not treated right.

Dae Jang Geum Fans said...

refills are small matter but you made it headlines. don u think it's riddiculous bcos of refills (tho food is good) u decide not to step in again forever?? if the food sucks then different story lah my dear. no offense ya. ;)
really small gas as in cantonese say "siu hei"

we're going next saturday LOL :P

Kathlynn said...

lol. no worries! do go in a BIG GROUP, say of 8 ppl, and when they only serve you ONE plate of side dishes for the 8 of you (becoz of their one refil per sidedish per table) then I would like to see if you are happy with that! :)

No offence my dear, but there are more to attract customers that good food! Other factors include value for money, ambiance, customer service, etc.

It's ok if you just go for good food and nothing else, but I personally like to take other factors into consideration as well too! :)

Johnny said...

I was googling for korean food and i see this hehe. Planning to go tomorrow. Now thinking twice. I say they should just refill for Kathlynn and family and make them eating with smiling face. After all how much kimchi can they eat?? I will not patron again if i have this experience.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with kathlynn on this as its a matter of logic and customer service.
These days restaurants are charging more bcoz they r called restaurant but they need to understand by charging so they shld also do their part.... side dishes shld be refilled especially kimchi as most of us go there for it. If this is how guest are treated then each of u just get a table since they charge based on what u order anyway..��

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