Sunday, March 20, 2011

.: Ti, I Drink With Jam and Bread :.

So I went to get some baking stuff *joy of joys!* in Bake With Yen, Taman Megah with JC this afternoon after checking on my bro at home (Dad & Mum is away on a holiday, so I had to make sure he didn't burn the house down or anything like that!).

Got some mascarpone cheese (for my second take on improving my tiramisu recipe), paprika (coz JC wanted to make some paprika chicken, who was his favourite (his late mom's recipe), ready crushed Oreo (genius! so I don't have to spend time crushin Oreo's for my cheesecake base anymore! *glee!*) and green tea powder (finally! tho I'm still not sure what to make, but I know there are plenty of recipes to choose from). I couldn't find some orange colouring (wanted to try to make some fondant carrot for my carrot cake), so I walked a couple of shops away to Chang Tung (just next to La Manila). Glad they have some (but notice that their prices are a lil bit pricey as compared to Bake With Yen, but it was just a selected few that I've browsed.

Now, green tea powder, what should I do with you? :)

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