Tuesday, March 8, 2011

.: How's The Weather Today? :.

My husband’s lunch these days depends very much on the weather!

How you may ask?

You see, if it starts to rain say bout 3-ish in KL (when I say rain, I don’t mean rabbits and hamsters rain, I meant raining cats and dogs), there is NO WAY I am getting home in less than three hours.

THREE HOURS you ask? Is there a typo, you might even add?

No, I kid you not.

It took a colleague of mine an hour and a half to drive from my office to a location which is about a kilometer plus away or two just for the benefit of a doubt, which is only a ten minutes drive on any normal day.

And another colleague was stuck in Jalan Tun Razak for close to two hours – he switch off his car engine for half an hour, can you imagine?

I left office yesterday at 9.45pm. And reached home close to 10.30pm. Thankfully, it was smooth traffic all the way.

Hence, JC only get to have salad pasta (which I do not fancy no thanks to the cheapo pasta!)

Tonight, hopefully, it doesn’t rain. And hopefully, JC something better. And hopefully, he gets to bring some dessert to work too.

I am dying to try out this Mocha Peanut Butter Brownie adapted from Martha Stewart!

p/s : This is part of the damage the rain caused yesterday

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