Thursday, March 10, 2011

.: Pease Porridge Hot :.

I made some porridge for my husband last night. Fret not, this blog will not turn into some documentary of What My Husband Will Be Having (WMHWBH) thingamajiggy.
I will not turn my already boring blog into something more boring-er.

I can’t wait for the weekends. I look forward to weekends these days (as oppose to last year where I dread them). I will likely be going to Midvalley’s Education fair. No, I am not going planning to add another piece of paper to my “hall of fame” collection (well, at least not just yet *wink*). I am accompanying my cousin Shyang and Kevin to have a look-see look-see, tho I believe that Shyang already has his heart set on being an architect. That’s thanks to HIMYM Ted Mosby’s influence.

Now, why can’t they portray a cool accountant or something to that line?

So when people come up to me as ask me, what do I do, I will go like, oh, I am an accountant, and they will be like, “Oh yeah, just like blankity-blank (name of a totally fictional but nonetheless impressive character)” with wide-impressed eyes.

Now, all the reaction I get is like. “Oh yeah?” with an I-pity-you-smirk that follows. And all I can do is mirror that reaction as well.


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