Thursday, March 3, 2011

.: This Lil Piggy Had Naan :.

Went to Steven’s Corner in OUG with Yin last night and had their famous Garlic Cheese Naan. It was oh-so-sinfully tasting with generous amount of mozzarella cheese and garlic topped with a slab of butter. Definitely a no-no for those who are on diet (thankfully I am NOT in that category anymore – hence I am ballooning day by day as my stomach and mouth takes control).

The tantalizing aroma of the butter on the warm naan coming straight from the oven was too good to resist that Yin (who did not know what to order still) decided to order another one – but choose the sweet Raisin Cheese Naan Special.

To me, a good mamak is one that not only makes excellant roti-s, thosai-s, naan-s and whats-not well, but also the accompanying dhal or curry sauce.

For this case, I would give Steven’s Corner an A+ for their Garlic Cheese Naan and an A- for their dhal. Fish & chicken curry would be a B- for me, as I find it just a tad bit too lack-of-spice for my liking. The Raisin Cheese Naan didn’t tickle my fancy, so I would skip that the next time I am there.

BTW, it is my *gasp* FIRST TIME there of my 25 years living in PJ. I know, shocker right?

And, another GASP is what we saw later.

While this dude, who was single-handedly maning the Naan station, was fishing out the naan from the oven, one of it fell on the floor. I gasp out loud (and I think he might have heard me). He picked it up, and put it aside (on the table) and still proceeds to fish out the remaining naans from the oven. He then applies a spread of butter on top of each naan and started to serve to the customers. As I was sitting down, I could not see if he had also served the naan that had fallen. I hoped not, but my fears were confirmed when my cousin stood up and told me that there were no naans to be found on the station’s table.

Oh dear! -.-

And to make things worse, I am having a tummy ache this morning. My imagination is running wild on the possibilities of what ‘contaminated’ my naan (if it was caused by the naan to begin with) and it is giving me goosebumps all over.

But still. I won’t hesitate going back there. The Garlic Cheese Naan is waayyyy to tempting!

But the naan dude is going to be under VERY close scrutiny when he prepares MY naan!

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Isabel said...

Gross!! I love cheese naan btw ^_^ Nah actually I just like the fluffness of naan. The cheese's just an extra xD I would only like a mamak if the people there are friendly. I absolutely hate it that at a certain banana leaf place, they place food on your leaf without asking and charge you for it. So rude! So now I have my hand ready to tell them no when I see one approaching lol My fav mamak atm is Devi's Corner in Bangsar cos they're really nice =)

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