Wednesday, March 16, 2011

.: Sick Cebu :.

It's day three since I fell sick on Monday. As some of you may have already known, I am a walking sick time bomb. My immune is almost non-existance, and it's not like I didn't even bother to try boosting my immune system. I've tried, but failed obviously, taking all the multi-vitamins you can think of and of coz supplimenting it with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nope, it does lil to help, coz here I am, like the two days before this, with Vicks on my left hand (to help me breath thru my nose) and a Ventolin inhaler on my right hand (to help me breath thru my mouth). My body is helplessly week, even the act of picking up the phone which is just sitted the edge of my night table is a task for me. I slept until 3pm today. Drowsy and weak from the medication, the only reason that I went downstairs was to take some bread to eat so that I can take my meds again - and went straight back to sleep.

It usually feels better after the meds in the afternoon, albeit around this time, where tho my body is still feeling sore and weak, my mind is slightly more active. My chest have been feeling heavy lately, probably due to a mild asthma attack. The Ventolin inhaler does help a lil, but it can feel a bit suffocating at times.

I wish I had a better immune system, so that I don't have to waste precious time slothing in bed. I wanted to drive to my mom's place to seek some sort of refuge, but I worry that she over-fuss around me (that's what mom does best huh?) and the last thing I need is someone forcing me to have a glass of milo or something, when all I want to do is rest.  Oh, and by the time I am fit to commute to such distance, it is already 5pm plus (now), and the last thing I need is to be stucked at a traffic jam.

It's somewhat like a hangover (not that I have experienced many of those, mind you!), the ringing of the phone seems louder, the chirping of the birds in the morning seems much more annoying-er, all I want to do is cover my head over a pillow and sleep. Not that I could, coz it would me that I can't breath and the only position that allows me so is to sleep semi-upright.

Pitiful isn't it? That's the life of a sick cebu! :(

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