Wednesday, February 11, 2009

.: Surprise! :.

A pleasant surprise I had when I received 1/2 dozen bouquet of pink daisies at my workplace this morning.
When I got a call to collect the bouquet of flowers from the receptionist, I was wondering who on earth would send me flowers.
Of course I thought of JC, but knowing JC, he wouldn't send flowers to my office.
I took the flowers read the card and smiled to myself, with the receptionist & another colleague walking in looking at me.

Looks like I don't know JC that well :)

I was super embarrassed that I had to walk from the reception area back to my place, holding a big bouquet of flowers.
So I quickly made my way thru, looking down on the carpeted floor mostly, to avoid glares from fellow colleagues.
As I settled down at my place, two of my colleagues surrounded me and began questioning me.

Cor : Wah, from who? Bf ah?
*nods head*
Co : Your birthday?
SY : Nolar, it can't be. Must for Valentines day!
Cor : Or is it he make you angry?
*all of us laughed*
Co : How long have you dated him?
Me : About 3 years
Co : Wah, almost 3 years also still romantic ah?

If only they knew that JC is also known as woody among my friends *laughs*

I called JC and told him "I'm gonna kill you!" to which he replied with a laugh "I'm busy now, you can kill me later"

JC has been really really sweet these past months, can really see that he puts in a lot of effort (finally!) to make me feel special! :)
Aside from the flowers today (tho Qian has warned me not to be too swooned coz it's "just flowers"), he's been planning spontaneous trips to see fireflies & of most recent to Ulu Yam waterfall (I love nature!).
Also been buying me flowers & graduation bear & perfume. (Tho I'm not materialistic, it feels good to be showered with small gifts once in a while)
And last night, he wanted to take me out to dinner at The Ship (which I must say serves the best steak - tho I've not been there for quite some time), but I choose KFC (as in Kentucky Fried Chicken) instead. And he said ok (which means a lot coz he's not really into fast food).

So yes, you could say that I've melted becoz of pink daisies (he purposely picked daisies coz its my favourite flower).

And the message in the card attached to the bouquet is really sweet. But I must grill him to see if it comes from him or it's like a pre-template words provided by the florist.

So tonight I shall grill him first, after that kill him for causing such embarrassment! :)

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