Friday, February 20, 2009

.: WaMu, My Pet :.

My Pet Society updates:

My pet Rudolph has been now renamed to WaMu (a female green rudolph-look-alike pet).She has five rooms in her current house (the number of rooms goes with your pet level - to a maximum of 6 rooms). Existing rooms are : living hall, indoor garden, kitchen, bedroom & a game room.

I love to pamper her with pink & girly stuff, so totally opposite from her owner :)

I will take some pictures of my WaMu and post it here!~ :)

Pictures! Pictures! And more pictures!

Who wears it better? The must have look this season. Flowing white dress with a golden crinch at the top. Matched with big chunky gold bangles and golden shoes.

In pic : WaMu & Riceball

Princess tea party at Penny's bedroom. Both of us are wearing a sparkling cubic zirconia tiara. Looks expensive, but it's actually quite affordable. Only 1500 PS Coins.

In pic : WaMu & Penny

Chinese New Year visiting at Riceball's crib. All red-y for abundance of prosperity and wealth!

In pic : WaMu

Jammin' with my buddy at his place.

In pic : WaMu & Black Widow

Getting ready for costume party . Ninja Boy in an authentic ninja costume. WaMu in a beautiful Golden Dress and an Elegent Golden Mask.

In pic : WaMu & Ninja Boy

Visiting my dearest friend Boubie in France. Picture taken at her beautiful dancing daisy garden.
Also, the lovely red tunic I'm wearing was a gift from her!~ :)

In pic : WaMu & Boubie

Goofing around with my pal from the USA. A buddy who never fails to make me laugh.

In pic : WaMu & Ballzack

Micah : What are we gonna do tonight WaMu?
WaMu : The same thing we do every night, Micah. Try to take over the world. Muahahahaha.

In pic : WaMu & Micah

Dollies collection on the shelves in my bedroom. More to come.

In pic : WaMU & dollies

With random people chillin at the local cafe.

In pic : WaMu & random people

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Yin Fung said...

My Duffy Obama Lagi Super Cute ok. I don't put girly stuff on him. his dressing more towards rap/rnb style yo!

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