Monday, February 23, 2009

.: Saturday :.

SJian, Qian, CKong & I decided to met up last weekend. Jes & the Leo brothers could not make it due to work commitments, while SMay, as usual, hasn't been replying our smses.

The initial plan was to have dinner at an Italian place recommended by Sjian in Jaya 33.

Prior to that, I've made a appointment with CKong to met up with SFoong (YZhi's sis) at The Curve.

So it was kinda of a busy Saturday for me - as I woke up bout 9-ish, got myself ready & went to One-U with my aunt to catch a movie - Valkyrie. To be honest, I'm not really into war-themed movies, so I was kinda dreading to go. But my aunt really wanted to watch that movie, bcoz of Tom Cruise I reckon, so I, being the nice niece that I'm *ehem* (and who could really refuse an offer to watch a movie for free *wink*), had to accompany her.
And to my pleasant surprise, the movie was really enjoyable.

Sidetrack : Valkyrie was about a group of top ranking German officer plotting to assassinate The Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler. Using Operation Valkyrie, the national emergency plan, they mobilized the national Reserve Army to overthrow the Schutzstaffel (SS). It's really an interesting movie - even for someone like me, who's World History knowledge is confined to Form 5 History textbooks (pathetic I know). Highly recommended to watch this!

Anyways, after the movie, I headed straight to the gym in Damansara Uptown, did a lil bit of cardio & sit ups.

Then, I rushed to pick up Ckong to head to The Curve.

Sidetrack : To save money on parking, one could always park nearby Ckong's place (in BU 4) and cross the road. But remember to wear pants - coz we had to climb over a bar. And I was trying to climb gracefully over the bar in my skirt, thankfully not a mini, that I accidentally scratched & bruised my poor lil leg.

Anyways, we headed to Ikea's Café (coz I could get free coffee there). Sat for about half an hour, before realizing that Sfoong was sitting somewhere else - waiting for us (communication breakdown somewhere along the way I guess). We chatted for about an hour before she left. CKong and I continued to chat - talking bout things from work to personal relationships to studies. It's interesting to have someone who knew you during high school days to tell you that you have changed and became more mature. Well, for those who knew me back in high school, you would know that nobody uses the word mature & me in the same sentence. I was really living the Hakunamatata philosophy back then.

Anyways, we then picked up Qian & SJian and decided for Thai food (absolutely spontaneous) at Kinnaree Thai Restaurant in Jaya One. The food we ordered was great (individual tom yum soup + asparagus + deep fried fish in some sort of special sauce + bottomless peppermint/lemongrass flavored tea). The price came out to RM44 each, a lil bit to pricey in my opinion. But the ambiance and food was really great.

Updates : Refer to SJian's accounts > click here < on what happened during dinner with his voluptuous English (private joke)! :)

Then headed back home at bout 12am.

Such a fruitful Saturday! Looking forward to another gathering at SJian's place on the 8th of March for some shabu-shabu! :)

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