Monday, February 23, 2009

The Challenge

I was given the challenge to write what happened on the nite of 21/2 in 1 to 2 sentences and of course who would be so brave to do it in 1, so I will try with my tall england to stuff all that happened that nite into 2 sentences. (Starts with the next paragraph)

Here we go,
Shan gathered us all in her little blue car and we made our way to Jaya33 but diverted to Jaya1 for spicy Thai food, which we soon found parking and made our way to the restaurant where shortly after placed our order and starting chatting about senseless stuff that included an affair between me and the dude working in Starbucks @ Jaya1,  but sadly there was not one strand of truth to the before mentioned allegations, oh, we also found out that Qian Hui is intimidating and has an intimate relationship with Shan. (phewww, I think I just killed half the English language with that sentence...) After our scrumptious meal, we decided to play some pool at a bar nearby since it was still early and it was not yet Shan's curfew hour, but she gave an excuse that she had some stuff to do, where soon after gave in to the temptation of pool which she enjoyed very much with the rest of us nor did she at one moment complain about going back, and also set a plan to have shabux2 @ my place on nite of 8/3.

Tremble b4 my voluptuous england and be awed by ginormous vocab!

Please get back to me on how many ppl for the makan makan.


Kathlynn said...

Challange complete. Your England is very the powderful :)

jenniferkqh said...

bravo! bravo!
you really did work on your tall huge England in school!!! =p

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