Monday, October 11, 2010

.: Challenge Day 11 - Day 16 :.

Day 11 – Your siblings
I have but one and only one sibling. My younger brother Ben, whom I have lived with for the past 23.5 years. What can I say bout him?

He's definately a ladies man - read here for Ben's 10 Ways To Lose A Girl On The First Date.

He's definately has the potential to be a serial murderer - read here to find out why!

Ben, a person who's mind is like a sieve, somehow I see cronic stage of Alzheimers in him - read here and laugh at what this dude forgot!

And here to discover how 'li hai' his Mandarin is!

And on how crappy he can get as he come out with the theory of Tammiflu!

On how he grew up and (finally) became a man (of somesort) *sniff*sniff*  here.

And months later killed a dog by overdosing it! Tsk!

But no matter how pyscotic he can be, or how irritating he can be, or how insensitive he is, I still love him coz he is and will always be my lil bugger!

Day 12 – What’s in your bag
In my bag there is:
1) My purse - which contains my $ and a couple of photocopy ICs belonging to Tammie, Yin, Ben, JC & my mom (for contest redemption purpose). JC says that if someone check out my purse, they would think that I am some ID thief or something
2) My handphone cover that is currently my primary purse - more convinent for me to go out lunch with this rather than a wallet, end of the day, I carry it more often that the actual purse
3) Bodyshop Strawbery Lipbalm
4) Tissue paper
5) Employee tag
6) Handphone
7) Keys
8) A small vial of perfume

Day 13 – This week
This week (like any other week for this year) was very very hectic.
'nuff said.

Day 14 – What you wore today
Blue shirt with a jean skirt. And undergarments of course (which I need not elaborate so much on!) Tee hee!

Day 15 – Your dreams
I don't think I am the sort of person who actually have dreams of myself. Unlike Tammie, who dream of being famous and also married by 24, I never ever thought I will be married (refer to Challange Day 6 - Day 10), hence never had that 'dream wedding' all planned out. Never had the dream of becoming someone successful or someone rich.
But I guess the most prominant dream I had is to travel and see the world (but don't everybody dream so too?). Anyways, I am nowhere near achieving my dreams. A 25 year old who has only traveled to Thailand (Hatyai), Singapore, China (Beijing), Australia (Sydney) & UK (London & Scottland). Pathetic isn't it?
You may say that I'm not a dreamer
And I guess I'm just the only one
I hope someday I'll be a dreamer
Better a dream that having none

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