Thursday, October 7, 2010

.: The Switch :.

I gotta be honest. I do love Jennifer Aniston – she has that lovely personality and the girl-next-door look with those kind eyes (she has absolutely beautiful eyes). But after watching The Bounty Hunter, which she co-stared with Gerard Butler (it was so bad that it was painful to watch), coupled with a couple of bad reviews from movie critics out there of this movie, I was expecting an excruciatingly difficult-to-watch movie. With the tickets I have won, I somewhat reluctantly dragged myself to KLCC TGV sat on somewhat good seats (as in seats of a good location, not the seats – bah, nevermind, I am wavering).

The started off like any predictable romantic comedy movie, with a narration by main character, Wally (Jason Batemen). It progressed on to surprisingly digestible and even enjoyable storyline, especially towards the end.

The story follows Wally, a hapless, neurotic equity analyst who’s stuck in the bff (best friend forever) zone with Kassie (Jennifer Aniston). 40-year-old and still single Kassie wants to get pregnant as she is too old to wait for the right man to come (she demonstrate this by pulling of a chart from the financial section of a newspaper – cute!) and she gets a sperm donor, Roland (Patrick Wilson). At an “I’m Getting Pregnant!” (the invitation card given out was so creative! I LIKE!), drunken Wally accidentally pours Roland’s “little Vikings” down the drain and then to rectify it, replaces the sample with his own – with the “help” of Diane Keaton. Kassie’s artificial insemination was successful and she got pregnant. She then moves away from New York to raise her child, and comes back seven years later with Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) who is a mini-me version of Wally – pessimistic and neurotic.

The rest of the scenes hereon focus a lot on Wally & Sebastian and spending time with each other, which I personally felt was saving grace to this potentially disastrous movie. There was really good chemistry between them both and I truly enjoy lil Sebastian and his obsession of collecting picture frames!

All in all, it was an okay movie. Nothing really fantastic and definitely not Oscar-material, but still, it’s those kinda feel-good movies that you would wanna catch on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

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