Sunday, October 24, 2010

.: Spray & Snap :.

Special thanks to artsy-fartsy Tammie & her camera skills in helpin me & JC take pictures for our wedding invitation cards.

It was fun to do what we did - walked around the playground outside me hse, me in a white dress, JC in his coat and Tammie with a brown flatten box as her mat as she lays on the floor to take some difficult angled shots for us!

And hours before that Rachel, Tammie and I were like marching down carrying branches & twigs and paint spraying 'em.
To be honest, this is one of the more happy moments in the whole wedding preparation thus far.

So a BIG special hugz to Tammie & Chel-Chel from Jie Jie

Now, for the votes to come it on the selection of pics.

Should it be :

Pic A?
(dont really like the backdrop, but love the main subject, so sharp & clear)

 Pic B(a)?
(crop the pics as to retain the picket fence, but no dress/coat in sight)

Or Pic B(b)?
(love this, but slightly marred by the backdrop of someone's hse gate)
 Or Pic C(a)?
Or Pic C(b)?

I love this pic, but it isn't sharp enough.
Love the xoxo concept! :)


Sharlene said...

One scroll down, i love Pic A the most, a very nice pic for wedding card. simple but it captured the essence and togetherness feeling.

Pic B(b)-can photo shop to cover up the gate? then would be great, Can see the dress and coat.

Kathlynn said...

yeah, think that of the few pics, Pic A is most appropriate....

Actually my couz took more pics, but she gatal gatal delete those on the spot edi. if not, we wud hav more choices to choose from.

lets see wat the printer says bout the pics lo :)

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