Saturday, October 2, 2010

.: Nimble Fingered Concert Pianist :.

On the rare occasion that I read The Edge, TalkingEdge by Kam Raslan is one of the sections I look foward to read.

What witty comment does this Malaysian guru have to impart to readers this week?

This week, JC & I was laughing over this article.

Some of the older reader of Talking Edge might remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned some of the "rude" words that Astro has censored from my favourite TV show, Frasier. The word included top-pocket, gym and bridge (censored from the notoriously rude Golden Gate Bridge). These disgusting words were saved from exposure to the kind of dangerous Western values that make us not give up our seat on the LRT to a pregnant woman. Phew!

This week I am happy to report that the censor cut out the word pianist. The actual line was "nimble fingered concert pianist". I am guessing the censor thought Frasier had said the word for male appendage. Now, we're all grown up here so I'm going to say it, penis. It's a proper scientific term and it can be said, it just can't be seen in public. We all know that a pianist is a person who plays a piano, often at a concert (hence concert pianist), and they have nimble fingers. But the question has to be asked, what on earth is a "nimble fingered concert penis"? Now that is disgusting!

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