Saturday, October 30, 2010

.: Project Castle : Kitchen :.

This is my kitchen!
Happyness :)
So happy with the workmanship!
(let me know if you need the contact)

Cheers to many, many cooking adventures ahead! :)

Actual picture, not 3D drawing - just in case if you're wonderin!


goingkookies said...

wow.. nice.. if you don't mind me asking.. how much approximately and who's ur contractor??? hehe... it's not like Reliance or Ikea kind right?

and is this apartment or house?

beautiful.... seriously.. =)

Yin Tan said...

crazy NAIS!!!! ok we must camwhore there n bake super stuff. hahahaha.. =) . nais.

Tammie said...


I shall crash your kitchen whenever I don't have a place to stay XD

Kathlynn said...

@kookies nopes, not reliance or ikea, dun earn that much $ to afford 'branded' kitchen. mine done by kitchen cabinet expert. its a 1.5 story hse in USJ

@yin yeah. can be all martha-steward-sy all day

@tam crash, crash, crash!

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