Friday, October 8, 2010

.: Challenge Day 6 - Day 10 :.

Day 06 – Your day
My day has been pretty much the same as it is every weekday. Wake up, work, back from work, sleep. Pretty much sums out my life (or lack-of it). It boils to that 9 contractual hours and many more non-contractual hours spent at work. Went home, spend a couple of minutes to do my jigsaw puzzle (long overdue-ed) and slept bout 3am. Back to the same hamster-wheel cycle again tomorrow!

Day 07 – Your best friend
We all have best friends, especially back in the pre-school days where you-friend-me and I-friend-you lines exist. Then as we get older, friendship gets a lil more complicated. We make many new friends, but we lose many as well thru the b****h-fighting, back-stabbing and who’s-side-are-you-on? phase which I am sure many of you have encountered. Then, as we get a lil more older, we start to make less friends, many acquaintances yes, but very few true friends. It is at this stage where you know who your true friends are; those that truly stood the test of time. So no, I do not have one best friend, I have a handful best friends whom I truly cherish & appreciate for the rest of my life. You guys know who you are! *wink*

Day 08 – A moment
There was a moment in life where I thought I will end up a grumpy old spinster with living with 29 cats. And I will be all alone. When I die, no one would realize that and would have not be missed except for the rotting smell of my decayed body, which I am sure at one point the neighbors will make a report.

No I mean seriously.
And I didn’t like cats to begin with.

Day 09 – Your beliefs
I believe that there will be a day where I am completely happy.

Day 10 – What you wore today
I carefully thought the night before, pick out a blouse and pants, changed my mind bout the blouse, picked another blouse and hang them out. The morning I woke up, I decided to change the pants keep the blouse, but after putting on this combo, I decided that the blouse doesn’t suit the pants. End of the day, I decided to go with a dress instead, and was contemplating between the little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress (quoted from Spice World if you must know).

Who am I kidding, I groggily and grumpily choose whatever that was easy to reach from my cupboard and just put ‘em on. Easy, just takes 200 seconds. 215 seconds if apparel includes zips, 240 seconds if apparel includes buttons.

Interesting article about women taking a year of their life deciding what to wear (Article)

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