Saturday, October 30, 2010

.: Head Of The Household :.

Man may be the HEAD of the household, but woman are the BRAINS behind it!

This is gonna be a sexist post, so if you're a MCP and have big issues with women telling the truth bout things, you may STOP reading beyond this sentence!

Based on personal experience, if you ever want anything done the right way, you just have to go down on your knees, get your hands dirty and just do it yourself. If you ever, ever rely on anybody (especially men), just be ready to be disappointed!

Gone were the days where men are truly the head of the household, being to sole breadwinner of the family, and being the handyman around the house.

If you, men, thinks that you bring home the bacon, well I got news for you (and am sure that many independent ladies out there shouts the same sentiments) - some of us women NOT ONLY bring home a BIGGER piece of the bacon, we cook 'em, feed the kids with 'em, bath the kids, read to 'em a bedtime story and tuck 'em to bed and then later on do the household chores, which often than not include the plates in the sink that 'em useless men graciously leave behind.

If you, men, thinks that you are capable of running a multinational organisation, well have I got news for you - so can us women AND not only that, we are so damn good at running the household too!

If you, men, thinks that your the handyman around the house, fixing the leaking pipe or change the burnt out bulb, well do I (again) have news for you! Guess who keeps stock of the which bulb to use for which light, or where is the ladder/spanner/whatever tools needed kept? Or the one who quietly seals the pipe with sealant after you supposedly fixed it (quietly so as not to deflate your easily bruised-alpha male ego). And guess who does the sewing, gardening, laundry, etc?

The thing is, given the education (both formal and informal) women have these days as compared to decades ago, plus the skills handed down from generations to generations, we women are becoming more and more capable as we are well equip with all skill sets. And the men, who was somewhat seen as capable during our grandmother's generation and that before hers, are not seen that way anymore. Afterall, we women can pick the 'skills' that these men who so proudly claim to be solely theirs but the same does not apply vice versa.

Too bad if your balls have shrunk at our capabilities, we are no longer shy to proclaim that we are IN EVERYWAY better that you!

So just suck it in and accept this blatant fact!

'Nuff said!

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