Wednesday, October 6, 2010

.: Breaking The Habit :.

The wise investment guru, Warren Buffett said “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”.

We all have our own habits, some where others may find cute while some where others may find annoying or neurotic.

I personally have this bad habit of biting my nails whenever I am nervous. It takes tremendous will-power to break this habit, especially when I need to keep my nails long for special occasion. Am working very hard to break this habit, but til now, it’s still a uphill task. If it is any consolation to me, I have seen bosses (and I am talking bout the big Cs – CFO, CEO, CIO, COO, etc) that still carry this habit. So, it’s not that bad afterall right, right, right? *nervously chew nails*

For JC, one of the most annoying habit of his would be the fact that he ‘selects’ the RM notes before making payment. His basis of selection? Worn out, slightly dirty, somewhat soiled notes out first, keep the fresh, good, clean ones in. Well, while this habit may not be a big issue to some, for some reason, it just somehow annoys the living daylights out of me. Can you just imagine, sitting there, the overworked waiter, standing there with the bill, as JC in slow motion, pick his wallet from his pocket, open his wallet, flip thru the notes from front to back and then back to front, take out one piece, hesitates, takes out another piece, hesitates, pause to decide between the two notes, then finally decides on the third note sitting in his wallet. Not tips for testing the patience of the waiter at that.

Well, at least the only consolation I get out of this is that he doesn’t usually carry that much cash around, so it doesn’t take him thaaaaaaat long to select the notes, but still……

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