Thursday, May 21, 2009

.: For Ben :.

Sometimes I just should give a lil more credit to my brother who is taking this better than I thought he would. In fact, better than I would if I were in his shoes. All the worrying on how he would take it, on what should I say to console him.... when I chatted with him thru MSN, he told me tho he is sad and dissapointed at his predicament, he's actually ok.

It just suddenly daunt me that he has really, really matured, and perhaps surpass my expectation of the man that he is. Yes, he's a man already, no longer a boy.

And I guess it's kinda difficult to let go of the image of this little brother I have that needs us all to protect and shelter him. Tho I will always love and care deeply for him, in a way, today's chat with him gave me comfort that he is "ready" for the outside world. The word I can think of (in Cantonese until I know the English word for it) is : fong sum. Really.

I guess this lil birdy has learn to fly :)

So proud of him!

Love you loads Ben! :)

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