Saturday, May 16, 2009

.: Why? :.

When I was way way way younger, sitting at the backseat of my dad's car, while looking out from the back windscreen.... I remember asking my dad:

"Daddy, why is the moon always following us?"

For some bizzare reasons, the memory of this particular incident and conversation seems so clear, like it just happened a few days ago.

On a random note - I love my dad to pieces!

And I know he loves me too...... coz I will always be his lil princess! :)


i *heart* flipflops said...

hehe nice :D

why didnt u ask why ben is so annoying? lol

Yin Fung said...

my father dam teruk. last time in the car i alwis fight with my brother... then he told us to look at the moon. it's following us.

So at the backseat of the car i kept quiet and stared at the moon. I MATI-MATI believed what he said until the day I read an article in National Geography Kids (or something liketat) saying the moon size is one third of the earth/so huge/ it can be seen frm anywhr frm the night horizon/appears like it's following me blablabla....

the point is, my dad lied!!!! *&@%*!&%^ =__=

Kathlynn said...

Yin : YOU MEAN THE MOON IS NOT FOLLOWIN US? darn. i always tot it was! :)

Tammie : Coz I already know the answer to that - coz Ben is jus bein Ben :)

i *heart* flipflops said...

aww.. kesian yin.

hahah but u gotta admit ur dad is smart! :D

Ser Ley said...

Haha! I asked the same question too!! But i also heard something else, i was told that if u point the finger at the moon, the moon will cut your ears! I tried that, and just so happened, that very night I had really dry skin (foreign country) and the skin right under my ear tore a lil and hurt! I TOTALLY believed him!

Kathlynn said...

Yeah, my mom told me that too. But that was after I had a cut behind my ear lobe (the skin was dried and there was a shallow cut - i think it was jus dry skin & i started to scratch - hence the cut?).

But yeah, never wanna try pointin at the moon! jus in case *wink*

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