Thursday, May 21, 2009

.: Battle of Aliens, Monsters & Women(Sales) :.

SJian had free tickets (which he won from a contest) to watch the premier of Monsters vs Alien. So when he send me a text yesterday morning and since I was free for the night, I said ok.

So after work, I drove straight to One Utama to meet up with my mom and aunt to reserve some clothing which I've tried for today's (Thursday) Jaya Jusco Member Card sales. Tip : Always go the night before, try on the stuff that you wanna buy, and reserve it. We used to do that every year - and year by year, it seems more and more people are doing it. In fact, last night was already crowded, but it's nothing compared to today's crowd this kinda sales would draw. It's madness I tell you - went once and that was it.

Back to the movie, I met up with SJian, Qian & David and we proceed to GSC cinema. And to my delight, it was a 3D movie & the ushers gave us a pair of goofy lookin 3D glasses. Now, for someone who have not watched a 3D movie before (and I speak for the rest of the gang) we were like 5 year old kids, awe-ing and ooo-ing at the 3D graphics. It was great! So 3D-like, that there was one part where the animated character was playing ping-pong, and the ball was like aimed towards the screen and "pop" it feels like it almost hit your face. Thank goodness I did not embarrassed myself by ducking or something, but it would not have been as embarrassing as for this audience that actually screamed! :)

Before the movie, I was telling Qian that I wanted to keep the dorky glasses. It was only when Sjian highlighted to me that it has a magnetic thingy embedded in these glasses that prevents it from being stolen that shattered my devious plan. *lol* Ok, so I wasn't really going to take the glasses, I mean like, what am I to do with it? :)

Anyways, it was a good family movie, story line was ok, a few crude jokes for the older ones (or did I just imagined it?) and the 3D graphics made it all the better!

Go catch this movie at a cinema near you! :)

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