Friday, May 22, 2009

.: Kids Say The Darndest Things :.

I suddenly remembered this.

At church during Mother's Day (10th May), cheeky lil Basil, one of my student in Sunday School, came up to me and said :

" Happy Future Mother's Day!"

=.= *sweat*

The witty things kids say nowadays! :)

Update : And below is the pic of cheeky Basil (taken by kor-kor BK @ Kampar). Tammie, you wanna adopt?


Yin Fung said...


Kathlynn said...


i *heart* flipflops said...


I feel sudden love towards the child. man so cute.

can i adopt her or him?

Kathlynn said...

You have got to be kiddin Tam!
But Basil is a cute boy! :) I see if I can steal his pic from his bro's blog :)

i *heart* flipflops said...

haha yes yes :P

how can he be so cute??

Kathlynn said...

Ok. I will tell his family u wanna adopt lil Basil :)

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