Sunday, May 17, 2009

.: Jesus Wept :.

Jesus wept.

John 11 : 35 (NIV)

The most shortest verse. Yet the most profound.

Meditate on this.
Why did he wept even when he subsequently did raise Lazarus from the dead?


i *heart* flipflops said...

The best versus in the bible. for me la.haha..

I love it. it shows that Jesus are like us too, He experience pain and hurt just like all of us.

So telling Him our problems would be even easier cuz He understands it all :)

Kathlynn said...

Yeah Tammie! He experiences pain and hurt - but notice this. Tho he know not of this man, when he saw others wept, he wept as well.

It's the feelin of compassion and empathy he felt for others. That's why when our loved ones suffer, we feel their pain too. But this should not be limited to our loved ones and the people we know, but also to strangers as well. Just like Jesus!

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