Wednesday, May 20, 2009

.: All About My Facebook :.

All about my Facebook account :)

Number of pictures : 54 pics (of which only 6 which I upload on my own, so as you can see, I am not a picture person)
Number of videos : nil
Number of notes : One (got tagged by SJian to write 25 random things bout me)

Average times logging in to Facebook : Almost everyday at work, very seldom during weekends
Average posting of status : Once or twice a week

Favourite applications : Visual bookshelf, Pet Society (use to be)
Least favourite application : Meaningless quizes like "What's Your Japanese Name" or "How Malaysian Are You" or "What Is Your Euro-Persona". But I've gotta admit I've taken a few (less than 3 ok) myself!
Most frequently used application : I would have to say that it used to be Pet Society, until a couple of weeks ago, when I just couldn't log in.

Number of friends to date : 467 friends
Briefly describe the group of friends : Ranges from my family members, primary school mates, secondary school mates, uni mates, uni lectureres, colleagues (at PwC & Hong Leong), church friends & other random people that I've crossed path with
Number of friends you have not met for 10 years : 3 - primary school friends whom I have not bumped into since.
Number of friends you have not met before : 9 people of which, 5 are my colleagues from Singapore which I have not met before, but only talked to on the phone & another 4 are my Pet Society friends (from Indonesia, Philipiness, USA & France)
Number of friends over 50 years old : 3 - church members *wink*
Number of friends over 70 years old : nil
Number of friends below 10 years old : nil (unless Tammie creates an account for Rach like she did with Friendster)

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Adam L said...

Adam L here from LivingSocial (we developed Visual Bookshelf). Just wanted to say I'm glad to hear you like the app! :)

Adam L

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