Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.: Of Friends & Soulmates :.

Day 3 : I am still nursing my poor limping leg from the hiking at Apek Hill on Saturday (the hike - here & the photos - here).

I am so excited to have a girls night out with Qian,Xiao & Suk tonight! :)

Oh boy, do I have alot of things to do before flying off to UK next week! And of course the mental "To Do" list - which includes the annual spring cleaning of my room (or sty, whatever it is referred to), washing and vacumming my car (way overdue-ed), settling my banking stuff (yes, online banking is the way, but there are still some things that just requires you to be at the bank physically), preparing for this week's Sunday School (I have to look for pictures of different houses - tip pee, igloo, etc), finishing up the minutes of MDC meeting, ahhhhh..... the list is endless.

Darn. If there were only more hours in a day.

But then again, I'd most likely spend it slouchin on my self-cleaning *private joke* green couch, with the remote control in my palm (they say to know your soulmate, his hands will fit perfectly in your hand, as if you two were made specifically for one another.... so if my Astro remote control fits perfectly into my palm, does it mean that it's my soulmate? *dramatic gasps*), channel surfing the whole night thru.


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