Monday, May 25, 2009

.: Bukit Apek : Photos :.

Photos I stole from other people's camera! :)
Credit goes to Uncle Albert, Gary & Christina

P/S : I don't like pictures with people. It's all about nature and should be enjoyed this way :)

The trees greeting us :)

It is really that steep. And unlike walking on stairs, you have to really watch your footing.
Wrong judgement, may cause you some serious injuries.

A small lil rainbow at the waterfall. So cute :)

Rainbow at a different angle :)

The waterfall (this is the upper waterfall of Bukit Apek)

Cute lil white fungus growing. Look like pretty lil flowers eh? :)

Even the grass on the rocks look pretty :)

The tree bark - up, close and personal :)

Enjoying nature - magnificent creations of God.
Now isn't it our responsibility to protect Mother Nature so that we can continue to enjoy this?
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