Thursday, May 28, 2009

.: My Funny Friends & Me :.

This is a picture of my frens & me! :)
Shows how jakun some people can be.
But I love them still :)


i *heart* flipflops said...

who's jakun?
and who's drawing is that? lol.

Kathlynn said...

My architecture fren is the one who drew this! :)

My friends are all jakun-jakun one. Hehe :)

Anonymous said...

and you love jakun-ing with us!!

Kathlynn said...

*lol* thats true :)

Ser Ley said...

Eh! Quite nice ah...

Hehe.. no wonder u love them. =p

I'm sure they love you too!

Kathlynn said...

Of coz they love me too Ser!~ :)

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