Saturday, May 16, 2009

.: Angels & Demons :.

My date brought me to watch a Friday night movie : Angels & Demons in Berjaya Times Square. I particularly enjoyed this movie very much, tho it's been highly controversial among the Christian, especially of the misconceptions & stereotype that this movie may give of Christian (especially Catholics). It is very important to realise that this movie is purely fiction, and only meant to be enjoyed as it is, and not for anything else.

But I am sure that the audience (it's rated 18PL*) should be mature enough to do so eh? :)
* Note :
18SG :For 18+ with non-excessive violent/ horrifying scenes
18SX : For 18+ with non-excessive sex scenes
18PA : For 18+ with political/ religious/ counter-culture elements
18PL : For 18+ with a combination of two or more elements

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