Saturday, May 2, 2009

.: 38 - As In SamPat :.

My cousin Tammie did this in her blog. Not wanting to do it, but want the enjoyment of mindlessly filling up tags and all, I will add on to what she has already wrote. Yes, I really don't have a life. Sue me.

Full name:: Tammie
>> Full name is Tamie Tan Ming Ai (spelt with only one 'M')
What are you most commonly called by?: Ming Ai or Tammie >> Or Ah Mie
Age:: 18 plus
>> Old enough to drive?? Ohmygosh!
Do you act your age?: Most of the time :)
>> When she's around family members, she rarely act her age :)
Shoe size:: not telling :P
>> A size or two bigger than mine. Either I have really small feet, or she's BIGFOOT! :)
Height:: 167cm last time i checked
>> No way are you two cm taller than me. We just checked like the recent CNY and I am so taller than you. Go check again!
Weight (if you don't want to share just put "x"): x >>*wink*
Who lives in your house?: me,daddy,mommy,Rachel & Kevin.
>> And me when I come to Malacca :)
In your immediate family: dad,mom,bro & sis >> Yay!Happy family! :)
Do you get along with your parents?: Most of the time.
>> Isit really? *lol* Yeah, she does get along with her parents most of the time :)
Do you get along with your siblings?: Not with Kevin. HAHA. >> From the day Kevin was born.
Do you tell your parents everything, or nothing?: Nothing they don't need to know.
>> On a need to know basis only *wink* The rest she will tell me. Right? Right?
(assuming you do) How long have you had your own room?: 18 long years.
>> So nice. I had to share mine until I was like 14?
What's your perfect meal?: Sushi everyday.
>> Yum yum!
Do you wear jewelry?: If you consider ear rings.
>> And she has loads of them :)
What is your general mood?: Thankful :)
>> When she was younger, it was grumpy. She was known as Grumpy Pot :) Yeah, it's true. Ask you mom!
Can you cook?: Yes. (don't gimme that look) >> *Gives her that look*
How often do you use the word "sketchy" in conversation?: None.
>> Do you even know what it means? *lol*
What would be an alternative word?: No.
>> *nods head*
What's your favorite drink?: Milo!
>> Not alcohol? Hmmmm...... *wink*
Describe your music taste:: Pop Punk, R&B and Country
>> And Chinese pop!
What's your favorite love song(s)?: I don't really have one..But I like anything that's touching. >> Her fav song is "Ring My Bell" which she loves after playing GTA on PS2. Irritated the life out of me when she sings it while I'm napping! Remember Tam?
What kind of music do you listen to when you're sad?: Simple Plan or Taylor Swift.
>> Call me, I will sing for your "Ring My Bell"! :)
How many pets do you have?: Used to have 4 turtles. Died one by one. >> I wonder why?
Where do you like where you live?: On top a mountain overlooking a beach.
>> Cool!
What stores do you shop for clothes at?: I go from Padini to Chic Avenue.
>> She shops EVERYWHERE!
Are you athletic?: Not really. But I have a pretty good stamina coming form a person who don't exercise regularly.
>> Erm, shopping is an exercise to you isn't it? Like 4 hours in a row, non-stop! That's how you built your stamina! :)
What do you order when you go to starbucks?: Nothing. I don't like coffee.
>>Starbucks have warm chocolate....Lovely :)
Which of the 7 dwarves are you most like?: Doopy? haha...
>> *lol* My favourite too!~
Which of the 7 deadly sins best fits you?: I gossip quite a lot....
>> Alot is an understatement of the year ok! Hehe :)

Have you ever:
Ran away from home?: Nope. >> Nearly wanted too, but I stopped her! And she wanted to hitch-hike all the way to KL *wink*
Been out past curfew?: Yup.Dad called.
>> Naughty, naughty!
Gotten lost?: Haha.Yes. Thank God I found everyone at last.
>> Bad sense of direction. Genetics?
Snuck out of your house?: Nope.
>> Good girl! :)
Danced in the rain?: I wished I had!
>> You should! Its really, really fun! Trust me! *wink*
Wished on a star?: Yes. But I forgot what.haha.
>> That you and Wentworth Miller will be together forever, happily ever after? *lol*
Watched the clouds?: It's my fav thing to do! Clouds are stunningly beautiful.
>> Yeah, they are aren't they? Like lil cotton candy fluffs! :)
Smoked?: Nope. And I would NEVER try.
>> Very good girl! :)
Been drunk?: The most alcohol I drank it two mouthfuls.
>> Is it? *wink*
Been depressed?: There was a period.
>> All of us do...
Been lonely?: Yup. Just like Akon :)
>> Yeah, again, all of us do!
Been afraid of the dark?: Not too much.
>> More afraid of things that goes bump in the dark? :)
Stayed up all night?: My record was until 4am.
>> Break your record! :)
Slept all day?: My record was until 1pm.
>> Again, break your record! *Your mom is gonna kill me for such encouragements*
Gone streaking?: Nope. >> *lol*
Gone skinny dipping?: Heck no.
>>*lol* This one, I'm not gonna encourage! :)
Played strip poker?: In your dreams..
>> If she plays poker, she will be the ONLY one stripping *lol*
Been on a roof?: Yes.haha.
>> Where? So nice! :)
Been put in a trashcan?: No..
>> Why would you be put in a trashcan anyways?
Willingly?: No.
>> Again, why?
Egged or Tee-peed a house?: Nope.
>> She's a girl. Only boys will do something that stupid! *lol*
Eaten squid?: Yes. Fried squid.
>> Yummy!
Sushi?: Love em' >> And she can make them too *a lil promo for my couz!*
Broken something valuable of yours?: Yes..forgot what.
>> Too many to remember?
That wasn't yours?: Yes.Gosh I felt so awful afterwards.
>> You should, especially coz it's MINE! Hehe! :)
Made a prank call?: Yes..
>> I made one to her friend too, remember Tam? :)
Done something illegal?: Nope.
>> Are you really, really sure? *wink*
Been in love?: No. But lots of 'like'
>> What happened to Wentworth Miller, your one true love?
Regretted something you did?: Yes.
>> All of us do!
Regretted something you didn't do?: No...
>> Like not calling her couz! Yeah!
Lied to your parents?: Yes.
>> Tsktsktsk!
Lied to your friends?: Yes.
>> Tsktsktsk again!
Cheated on somebody?: Nope..
>> Cheated on Wentworth over McDreamy!
Made somebody cry?: I dunno.. my sis i think
>> Yeah, you bullied her! Bad jie jie!
Cried yourself to sleep?: YES. Homesick then.haha. >> Where you went till you're homesick?

Are you a happy person?: Generally.
>>Yay! :)
Are you a lucky person?: Sometimes :)
>>Yay! :)
Are you a virgin?: I'm still proud to be one.
>>Yay! :) *Gosh, is this thingy going to end yet? I'm tired already*
Do you do your own laundry?: mummy's doing it :)
>> Mummy so nice! :)
Do you get angry easily?: If the person who provoked me is my bro then yes!
>> Well, don't blame you, he can be really irritating at times! Payback for "Ring My Bell" I suppose? *wink*
Do you love your life?: Big chunks of my life I do :D >>Yay! *Are we there yet?*
What kind of socks do you wear?: Black ones to school.Basically I dont wear socks.
>> Stinky shoes. *Are we there yet??*
Describe your clothing style:: Casual and feminine. >>
Do you wear weather appropriate clothes?: It's always HOT here.
>> It is hot isn't it? *Gosh, I so regret doing this now!*
Do you wear age appropriate clothes?: Haha.I still can't get enough of teen stuff.
>> You are not going to be a teen for long now, enjoy it while it last. Muahahahah. *Why are we NOT there yet?*
Do you wear gender appropriate clothes?: oh yeah.Being a girl rocks.
>> Yeah! We can wear pants AND skirt. How cool is that? *wink*
Do you have a lot of friends?: My friends keeps changing as I go different places..
>> And as you go older!
Are you clumsy?: Used to be..
>> Still is
Are you organized?: No! >> I agree *Gosh! Why did I do this in the first place?*
Do you like parties?: As long as it doesn't get out of hand..
>> As long as she doesn't have to organise it. Refer above!
Do you like dressing fancy / formally?: Like it? I love it!
>> Yeah, should have seen the signs when she was a small tod and love playing dressing up!
How often do you use your cell phone?: At least once a day.
>> Only ONCE? Unbelievable. Her hp is like one of her vital limbs. Can't survive without it!
Do you have a lot of natural energy?: Yes. I dunno where I get it from.LOL.
>> From sugar? *Gosh, I am so gonna give up now!*
Are you doing well in school?: Kinda..haha..
>> NERD!

Friends and Love
Which is more active: your social life or your work life?: Social life. >> Yeah! You don't work!~
Do you treat your friends well?: That, you have to ask them XP
>> Nopez!
Do they treat you well?: They are amazing! Can't ask for more.
>> Of coz, that's why she's your most favouritest couz right? *cough*cough*
Who do you trust the most?: Tzyy Ning I suppose.But sometimes she betrays me.haha.
>> I thought it was me? *feeling really hurt & betrayed*
Who do you like to shop with?: Yin~~ had fun today
>> Anyone but me I suppose! Haha! Her favourite line is "I hate shopping with an accountant, everything is about $ and it's about saving them, not spending them. Sigh!!"
Who is the craziest?: Xin Ying!
>> I thought it's Ben?
Who is the shyest?: Kar Nee..?hehe
Who's the stupidest?: umm...ALL my friends are SMART. Even if they aren't, mixing with me would've sharpen their mind. LOL.
>> Please la! *I'm sleepy now!!!!!!!*
Who can you be serious with?: Davin >> Who is this Davin? The boyfriend? Why never intro to us? *wink*
Who has betrayed you?: Tzyy Ning! >> Tsk,tsk,tsk. Off with her head! :)
Do you lie to your friends to make yourself look better?: No way man. >> Yeah, Tam lies to herself to make herself look better. *lol*
Who do you act like yourself around?: Every single one of my crazy friends! >> And MORE crazier with her couz! :)
How many boyfriends have you had?: None. >> Yeah right, I believe you...
How many do you still talk to?: haha..none. >> Refer above
Have you ever got your heart broken?: YES. >> Kesian-nya.... *sayang*
Have you ever broke somebody elses?: Not that I know of...oh wait..there's this one. >> Only one? You heartbreaker!
Have you ever been kissed?: Yes. By Rachel! >> Oh! Oh! So have I!~
By how many people?: 1 >> What bout me? I used to kiss you alot when you're lil! Coz you're as cute as a tomato! :)
Do you give a lot of hugs?: Tonnes :) >> Awwww.... *hugz*
Have you ever said "i love you" and meant it?: Yup >> When you say I love you, you should mean it right? :)
Is love a mistake?: Nope! >> Love is never a mistake!
Does love last forever?: Definitely! >> God's love for His children will last forever and ever. Human to another human may fade (coz nobody can love perfectly the way God loves us!)
Have you ever loved somebody so much that you thought of them every day?: I wouldn't say that's love but it certainly was serious like. >> Oo0o0o... Your big crush eh? :)
Prayed for a chance with them?: I didn't have the courage to.... >> Should have gone up to him and ask " Would you be my bf pls?" Hehe :)
Have you ever fallen out of love?: I suppose so.. >> Hmmm.. how can you fall out without falling in?
Are you a loving person?: I would say so. I'm to emotional to know any better. >> Yes, you are a loving person! I attest to that :)

Would you ever:
Eat pizza with chocolate chips?: no.gross. >> Why not? Anythin with choc sounds gooooood. Mmmmm....
Elope?: Huh? I'm not that crazy..I'll want my family afterwards too. >> I'm so gonna kill you if you ever elope! I wanna be the bridemaid :)
Be a nun?: I'm not catholic. >> It has been your life long dream to get married. At 24. And have kids at 25. Gosh. You're scary!
Give money to a homeless person?: Yes. But i'd rather buy them food. >> As long as you help them from your heart, that's all that matters.
Wreck somebody's car?: No way.... >> Coz she hasn't started driving yet. If she has, stay away from her! *remember Rachel was screaming when you were test driving your dad's car? * *lol*
Say hi to a stranger?: YES! haha...laughed myself silly afterwards. >> Ohhh... Must be a Wentworth lookalike!
Have a conversation with a stranger?: was awkward >> Who was it?
Go on a blind date?: No. Unless.....haha >> Unless you're already 23 and still not seeing anyone! Then you are SO DESPRATE! :)
Be vegetarian?: Maybe someday..meat is getting too unhealthy. >> More than 500 calories is so NOT sexy *wink*
Kill somebody?: Heavens no. >> Well, you broke someone's you have figuratively "killed" him. Poor fella!

Finally, I'm done. Took me a period of 3 days to complete this. Remind me again not to be so 38.


i *heart* flipflops said...

HAhahahahahahahahahahaha...most entertaining post ever read! LOL.
Yeah partly cuz its all bout me. LOL.

Thx 4 spending 3 days to complete a post about me :) :P :D

Kathlynn said...

Yes, yes... everythin bout you is interestin to you ain't it? Vainpot!! :)

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