Friday, May 15, 2009

.: Autumn Leaves :.

I received this message from an unknown number (overseas number) yesterday morning while driving to work...

"It's autumn! The leaves are turning red and gold. Waiting to fall off so that new leaves can grow. I hope your problems are like the leaves, fall off so that new problems can grow? Lol. Anyway, have a nice day! Don't reply, just wanna use up all my credit."

Then minutes later, another message from the same number came.

"Oh shit! Does it cost you to receive my sms? No right? Lol. I forgot this is international. Oh well, you are rich, nevermind la!"

To which at that point, I replied (while waiting for the traffic light to turn green - just to emphasise that I did NOT texted while driving!)

"If you think it cost me, why are you sending two messages to me then? Anyways, it only cost 50 cents to send you an sms :) I believe you must be Fei (shortname for my friend Angelia), but if you are not, please identify yourself as I do not have your ID."

To which I receive a reply

"So cheap! 50 cents for friendship man! Lol. Yes, this is your most beloved Fei. The person you will never be able to get rid off the rest of your life :)"

And I honestly hope so :)
This message made my day yesterday, knowing that I have someone out there thinking of me still! :)

Who is this Fei? Read here to find our more! :)

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