Wednesday, May 27, 2009

.: 30 Hours Famine :.

You've got the power!

Now you may ask, is there really such thing as a food crisis? Maybe in third world countries, but what about in a developing country like Malaysia?

The answer is YES, food crisis is very real! I know it for a fact, coz I have been volunteering in Soup Kitchen for a couple of months now, and I have seen the poor and the homeless (expecting mothers, children and senior citizens included) right in the heart of the bustling of Malaysia's city center. It's not just double digits or triple digits, but there are thousands and thousands of people, just in this city alone that is suffering from poverty and hunger.
For a short 5 minutes low down on food crisis - pls click here.

Having said that, we are considered very blessed. In other places of the world, in every 7 seconds, a child dies of hunger. Because of the food crisis, tens of thousands more will die.

The 30 hours famine countdown will be held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil on 22nd August 2009 12pm to the 23rd August 2009 6pm. This year, internationally renowned Taiwanese pop star A-Mei will be the 30-Hour Famine Ambassador for World Vision Malaysia.

You could participate in 3 ways :
For more info on participation to this 30-hours famine drive - pls click here.

i) DIY Camp Leader

ii) DIY Camper

iii) Individual Participant - if you can't attend the Famine Camp, you can still make a difference by fasting on your own!

Most importantly is that as a participant, you must be devoted and committed to this cause.

As this is also a fund raising event, a coupon/booklet will be issued to all campers/individual to raise funds for the poor. A goal is set to :

RM 80 for students/non-working adult
RM 120 for working adults


"The magnitude of the problem can seem overwhelming sometimes but we need to remember that it is solved one person at a time; and we can all be that one person for someone else." Dave Toycen, World Vision Canada President

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