Monday, April 13, 2009

.: What A Great God He Is! :.

Last week has been a hectic week for me. As well as a truly blessed one.

Our church had a small gathering during Maundy Thursday, in commemoration of the day that Jesus had his last supper before he was persecuted and crucified.

On Fri (Good Friday) another service was held at night to observe and remember the crucifixion of Christ who died so that we all may have eternal life.

On Sat, as part of the Mission committee of the church, we went to visit a place located somewhere in the back lanes of Chinatown, where meals of chicken curry and vege with rice are served to the poor and homeless every Saturday, 2pm (note : it is known as Soup Kitchen in the West, but since they do not serve soup, so I guess that this term is not that appropriate). It was really an eye opener for me as I have never seen so many homeless and poor people, consisting of men, women and even children of all ages and all races. Meals were prepared for about 200 people and we had a short time of worship before the meals are served. Again, this trip actually reminded me again, how blessed I am to have a roof over my head and warm food on the table.

Later at night, I went to Bukit Jalil stadium to watch an annual Easter presentation by the Calvary church entitled He Is Alive! The play was really good, and the respond from crowds during the alter call was really really encouraging.

On Sunday (Easter) our Sunday school had a good time as the children learn and understand more of the meaning of Easter. Lotsa food after that as well! :)

Indeed it has been a blessed week, as God has open my eyes and heart to so many things throughout these events. They are really personal experiences and I have cried so many times at all these events as they have really touched my heart. It's difficult for me to put down in words how my heart was touched, but it's an experience that I would like to remember, hence I'm journaling it down now! :)

Our Lord is indeed a great and mighty God! And He has really been soooo wonderful to me!

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