Thursday, April 16, 2009

.: Gimme Some Sugar :.

I wanna get a sugar glider as a pet.

A bit impulsive for the time being, so I'm gonna give a few more days of thought.

Reason is that I just need some physical interaction.

Been feeling really lonely of late, and TV or books are no replacement of having some warmth from something warm and fuzzy.

But really having second thoughts, coz of my busy schedule, I do not know if I can spend enough time and care to this tiny, affectionate creature.

Sigh. It will be TV and books for now.


Yin Fung said...

try hamster or tortoise first. they cost less. if die it hurts the wallet less. hehe.

Kathlynn said...

I'm not into tortoises or birds or fishes.... Too "cold"... I need something warm n fuzzy that I can cuddle with! :)

I wanted a pig, but... don't think my parents will lemme keep a pig! Hehe.

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