Monday, April 27, 2009

.: On9 Shopping :.

I have been doing alot of shopping of late. Online shopping to be more precise.

So I do have female hormones afterall Tammie! ---> click here to recap the conversation I had with my cousin sister a couple of years ago.

Well, the one thing I love 'bout online shopping aside from the fact that it's cheaper than the retail shops that you normally go, is that, with just a click of the mouse, I could compare prices between blogshops and get the best bargains around. Sites like Fashion Truth is every girl's best friend for online shopping, a site that allows buyers and sellers to voice out complaints, as well as providing "alternative" (i.e. same item from different blogshop at different prices). From here, they buyer could gauge which blogshop is selling at a reasonable price, which blogshop provides the better customer service, etc

So, since I have discovered the joys of online shopping, I have puchased :

1 LBD = RM 35
1 red cardi = RM 23
2 top/mini dress = RM 35 + RM 31
1 pink babydoll top = RM 25
1 giraffe necklace = RM 15
2 clinchers = RM 30
1 leggings & 1 stockings = RM 43
1 gladiators wedges = RM 45
1 freebra = RM 18

Oh.My.Gosh! That's a total of RM 300! So that was where all my money went to, without me realising it. Sneaky, sneaky......

On a more serious note, I seriously wanna consider setting up a blogshop. JC said he would support me financially! :)

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i *heart* flipflops said...

free bra?? what the? lol. yay u mentioned about me again.haha..u r getting worst then me. oh well, some ppl r just late bloomers.haha~~

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